Bond, James Bond

What is Bahamas Bond Adventure?

The BOND ADVENTURE is the ULTIMATE POKER RUN (no running) and the coolest way to spend your day in Nassau. A city and beach adventure that will have you exploring old James Bond film locations while either playing the part of a 007 AGENT working for MI6 or a ROUGE AGENT that’s been turned by the EVIL SPECTRE.  Each team is vying for a satellite blue print that if built has the potential to destroy the world.  Collect as many cards as you can throughout the adventure and find out if your hand is good enough to hold up to the competition, for there is a beach with your name on it with complimentary Bahamian style martini and Lite Lunch.

The clock is ticking! Que has just issued your new MI6 gadget, then you are off on your first mission through downtown Nassau.  Here you will discover old film locations from James Bond movies shot in the Bahamas.  Answer the questions right and win cards for your team.


Next, find yourself at a beautiful beach location where your team’s skills and ingenuity will be used to complete missions and games that will eventually seat you at the poker table.  It is only fitting that the fate of the world should end in the turn of a card!  The cards are played and the winning hand takes the pot, will it be SPECTRE OR 007 that prevails? 


After the world’s fate has been sealed, your reward, relaxing on the beach with a complimentary martini (Bahamian style) and Lite Lunch.





You ready to join us?

The Bahamas Bond Adventure will provide a hands-on look at our Bond history and culture. Then you will experience our beach to enjoy and finish the poker game. The Bond Adventure would not be complete without sampling our local cuisine, and quench your thirst with native bush teas, specialty drinks and a Bahamian Martini.

See - Do - Beach - Eat

  • We'll start in Downtown Nassau with our mission to save the world! 

  • Our air conditioned bus will take you to the beach to enjoy a dip.

  • There you will find the outcome of the poker run while enjoying a taste of Nassau.

A few things to note...

  • Transportation included (depending on location)

  • The tour is approximately 2.5 to 3 hours long from pick up to drop off

  • Sampling session, that includes, local teas, jams, rums.

  • Complimentary Martini (Bahamian Style or Non-Alcoholic) and Lite Lunch.

  • After the tour, you will have one hour to take a dip or catch some rays on the beach. 

  • Should you chose not to partake in the city portion of the tour, you are more than welcome to wait on our bus until they are finished.

  • Come with swim attire on our under clothing.  Bring towel.

  • Comfortable shoes – for the city portion of the tour.  

  • Extra drinks, food, and souvenirs for sale.  Credit cards accepted – Visa, Master Card, and Discover

  • Not for guests with limited mobility (not wheelchair accessible)

  • Be ready to have the time of your life!