What You Need to Know About The Quest!

What should we wear?

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. This tour will go rain or shine so be sure to dress accordingly as well.  You will be outside for the majority of the tour, so don't forget your hat and sunscreen!

Is the tour safe?

Yes!  You are very safe, from the bus to the beach and back to your original location.

What happens if we miss the tour?

We always do our best to accommodate your group either at a late time that day or in the future. Please call us at 242-434-6649 to reschedule.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, there are two sets of public bathrooms in the Fort area.  One is in Fort Darcy and the other in Fort Charlotte.  Both are inside.

What if it's raining?

We run rain or shine. However the tour may be delayed due to severe weather. Please ensure you contact us before the tour at: 242-434-6649 or 1-866-869-0188.

Where do we meet?

Coming off of a cruise ship-

You will come off your ship and head for Festival Place. Once through the doors, the water fountain is directly across the street, but you will have to make your way through the vendors to the street.  Once you have reached the street, you take a left and cross.  The fountain is about 20 yards down on the right.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your tour within 48 hours of the start time we will fully refund your deposit. However, after 48 hours your deposit will be forfeited.